With over 25 years of technology and consulting experience, Douglas Robert Pitek has proven himself as a versatile, results-driven, and passionate Services leader. Based in Cary, North Carolina, Doug has built a track record focused on leading value-focused Services teams that have consistently delivered high-quality disruptive software solutions to SMB and large enterprises.

Presently, Doug serves as a business leader at ServiceNow, Inc., where he oversees the delivery of Expert Services for the complete ServiceNow portfolio across the Americas. He also successfully launched the Software Asset Manager (SAM) solution during FY18, a feat that aggressively grew the install base, in collaboration with cross-functional groups.

Prior to his current role, Doug was the Sr. Director of WW Services Strategy and Operations and Customer Success at Pivotal, Sr. Director of Customer Success at MicroStrategy, Inc., Regional Vice president of Customer Success at Apptio, Director of America’s Professional Services at Hewlett-Packard, Inc., Director of Professional Services at Opsware, Inc., and Sr. Program Manager and Technical Architect at The New York Times Company.


During his time at Pivotal, Doug focused on identifying and realizing a company-wide cultural change that focuses on client value while accelerating subscription adoption to minimize churn. During his work at MicroStrategy, Doug developed and oversaw an 18-month business unit transformation, marketed as Total Customer Experience (TCE), which revamped the WW Technical Support organization to be client and value-focused. While at Apptio, he launched, from the ground up, the first remote Center of Excellence (COE), developing all operational processes and building a team to deliver Apptio’s solution to the market. While at Hewlett-Packard, Inc., he positioned all aspects of business development, strategic organization planning, and tactical support, among other accomplishments.

One of the most notable things about Doug’s work is the self-taught and self-motivated nature of his career. Doug is known for his constant experimentation with new solutions and markets, and his seemingly innate ability to adapt to the fast-changes of his industry. Passionate about technology, venture capital, early market technology solutions, consulting, professional services, business management, and entrepreneurship, Doug’s career has been a mix of incorporating his passions and talents with the underlying goal of striving for excellence in all he does.

Throughout his career, Doug has been on the receiving end of a number of accolades, including the High Achievement Award Pivotal, the ‘Superstar’ award from Apptio for his extreme impact in the world of business, and the ‘Incredibles’ award by Hewlett-Packard.

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